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The IMIST program is designed to ensure that oil and gas industry workers have the appropriate training, skills, and competency to understand, avoid, and minimize hazards and risks. The course, now available in four languages, assesses basic safety knowledge in nine subject areas including risk assessment, asset integrity, the use of hazardous substances, and working at height and mechanical lifting. John Rowley, CEO of Atlas said: A global standard provides companies with the assurance they need that the people they have working for them, whether directly or via contractor, meet the same basic level of safety and competency to avoid risk. Over the next two years, IMIST online will be available in 30 countries including Abu Dhabi, Iraq, Malaysia, and the US. Since 2009, OPITO and Atlas have trained more than 50000, workers in the UK continental shelf to the MIST UK standard.
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International Minimum Industry Safety Training IMIST online course. International Minimum Industry Safety Training IMIST. Preparing Dangerous Goods For Transport By Sea. Offshore Helicopter Landing Officer HLO3. Offshore Helideck Assistant HDA3. Offshore Emergency Helideck Team Member OEHTM3. Back to training courses categories.
OPITO Training Kerala, INDIA GSS Group.
Max Pax: Client Specific Validity: 2 years Location: Onsite Dates: Contact us for preferred dates. Target Group: This course is designed for those who are experienced forklift operators working in an organisation and needs to be assessed for competency. Aim Objectives: The units specified below contain the assessment criteria. The units comprise both the Performance Criteria and the Underpinning Knowledge and Understanding criteria. Unit 1: Plan, Prepare, Lift and Move Loads. Element 1: Pre-operational checks. Element 2: Picking up a load. Element 3: Travelling with a load. Element 4: Putting a load down. Element 5: Parking. Element 6: Fueling and Battery Recharging. OPITO Training Courses GSS Group. OPITO 5152 Offshore Lifeboat Coxswain Initial Training Twin Fall GSS Group. OPITO 5182 Offshore Lifeboat Coxswain Further Training Twin Fall GSS Group. OPITO 9088 Rigger Stage 1 Training GSS Group. OPITO 9099 Rigger Stage 3 / 9199 Rigger Stage 4 Competence Assessments GSS Group. ONSITE Training Provider GSS Training. ONSITE OPITO Rigger Stage 3 4. ONSITE OPITO Banksman 3 / 4.
ELECTRICAL Supervisor OILGAS Off/Onshore. HSE training January 2014. First Aid at Work Level 3 QCF. Valid till: 14/01/2017. OGUK Offshore Medical Certificate. Valid till: 13/01.2016. BOSIET OPITO recorded. Valid till: 21/01/2018. HUET with EBS OPITO recorded. Valid till: 21/01/2018. IMIST OPITO recorded.
OPITO-IMIST Site Skills Training International.
OPITO has developed the International Minimum Industry Safety Training IMIST to meet safety initiative targets. IMIST provides a new global standard that ensures workers in the oil and gas industry have the necessary safety awareness and training to promote zero harm and reduce the number of incidents in an offshore work environment.
OPITOs IMIST Set To Become Safety Standard For Gulf of Mexico and Globally Learning News.
The organization works with governments, national oil companies, multi-nationals and contractors to provide independent advice and guidance on effective management of workforce skills development, emergency response, occupational standards, qualifications and quality assurance of training delivery. Its world class training network spans 32 countries with more than 200000, people each year training to OPITO's' best-practice standards. briefing of IMIST will take place, Valentine's' Day, Feb. 14, 2012, at Hotel ZaZa in Houston.Around 50 senior representatives from the leading national and international oil companies will attend the briefing to hear how the IMIST standard will transform the industry by ensuring workers have a common standard of safety knowledge and training to understand and avoid hazards and risks. NOTES TO EDITORS.: OPITO is widely recognized as the industry's' focal point for skills, learning and workforce development.
Brunei working to ensure safety of oil gas workforce, OPITO says Offshore Energy. Group 5.
Oil and gas skills organization OPITO said on Wednesday that this follows the Bruneian government putting around 3000, front line worksite supervisors through the OPITO global standard for health and safety training earlier this year. The organization also stated that the country has now set a deadline of November 2017 to roll IMIST out to people in this role.
Atlas Wins Contract to Improve Global Offshore Safety Rigzone.
Learners can take the course at any location home, office or learning center at any time, therefore reducing the burden of travel time and associated costs. OPITO, which developed the IMIST course, aims to deliver common standards in the global oil and gas workforce that improve safety and competency.
With approvals from OPITO, Global Wind Organization GWO, IRATA, Liberian Registry, ASHI and other accrediting bodies, our aim is to deliver globally-acknowledged, most advanced and safely-delivered courses available. We will raise the bar of safety across Thailand to ensure that workers around the country will have access to a safe and decent working environment and COME HOME SAFELY. The first OPITO-Approved Training Provider for BOSIET with CAEBS, FOET with CAEBS and HUET with CAEBS in Thailand; we are delighted to welcome you and bring you globally-accredited training courses. Following STCW 2010 Manila Amendments, the need for more strict rules on delivering STCW IMO model courses is introduced. To this end, PISTC is a well-equipped training provider approved by Liberian Maritime Authority through Liberian Registry, a World-leading Ship Registry. Together, we are offering STCW 2010 courses from Basic Safety Training to Advance Safety Training Courses. PISTC is proud to be the Only Training Provider in Thailand achieved a GWO Approval for FULL Basic Safety Training Modules for First Aid, Manual Handling, Fire Awareness, Working at Heights and Sea Survival.
OPITO's' IMIST Becomes Safety Standard CHECK.point eLearning.
IMIST online is being rolled out across thirty countries worldwide, including Abu Dhabi, Iraq, Malaysia, and the United States over the next two years. Together, OPITO and Atlas have successfully trained more than 50000, oil and gas workers in the UKCS since 2009 to the MIST United Kingdom standard.
IMIST International Minimum Industrial Safety Training.
IMIST is in tegenstelling tot VCA/SCC wereldwijd erkend en geeft de deelnemer daarom ook de mogelijkheid op een erkende veilige manier buiten de Europese grenzen te werken. Deze OPITO erkende cursus is door Atlas ontwikkeld en erkend door de petro en chemiebranche als gelijkwaardig aan VCA Basis.

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